Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD

Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD

Welcome to Ewa J. Kleczyk’s Website!

Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD is an Executive with a Pharmaceutical Market Research Firm in Conshohocken, PA and an Affiliated Graduate Faculty for the School of Economics at the University of Maine in Orono, ME.

Dr. Kleczyk received her Doctorate Degree in Economics from Virginia Tech in 2008 and Master’s Degree in Resource Economics and Policy from the University of Maine in 2003. Her research areas of expertise and interest include Health Economics, Pharmaceutical Product Life Cycle Management Analytics, and Healthcare Policy Impact Evaluation.

She has given presentations in the areas of healthcare and economics at several conferences, including Healthcare Businesswomen Association, Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group, Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Research Group, Marketing Research Association and Harvard University’s Global Conference on Business and Economics.

She has been published in peer and non-peer reviewed journals, including PM360, Journal of Medical Marketing, Marketing Bulletin, American Journal of Water Works, and International Journal of Business & Economics. She has written chapters for multiple books, including Risk Management Trends & Business Dynamics of  the 21st Century. She is a member of the Editorial Board for Business and Economics Research sponsored by Macrothink Institute.

Dr. Kleczyk has been involved in several women’s organizations, including the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and the International Women’s Leadership Association (IWLA). In September 2015, she was recognized as one of the Top Female Executives by IWLA, while in 2014 and 2012, with “Luminary” and “Rising Star” Awards form HBA.  In March 2016, she was featured by the Women of Distinction Magazine. She has a passion for Mathematics and Economics and teaches, mentors, and encourages women to pursue careers in such areas.

Dr. Kleczyk and her husband, James Strout, live in the suburbs of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. During their free-time, they actively support Celiac Disease, Diabetes, and Breast Cancer Associations.

 This is a professional website, listing my work experiences, publications and conference presentations, as well as additional work/career related information.